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A Little More About Me

I thought it was about time I told you a little bit more about myself and what this blog is all about. So here we go, a little Q & A..

Who are you?

My name is Hannah. I am 25 years old and live in Cornwall with my Husband Josh. We have been together for nearly four years now, but have known each other since I was 11! It’s been a big year for us, we completed on our first home and got married all in the same week. I am a student here and Josh runs his own business.

Where did you grow up?

I have lived in Cornwall my whole life. I feel extremely blessed to have grown up in this part of the country, can’t imagine it being any other way. I’ve always loved getting outside, although I toyed with the idea of moving to Bristol a few years ago but went travelling instead, and that made me love Cornwall even more. My husband, Josh, also grew up here, just 27 fields away from me! (Yes, we counted them). He has also done a bit of travelling but we are very happily settled here, and just bought our first house this summer!

Do you have any sibling?

Yes! I am one of four. I come in at number three. I have an older brother and sister and another younger brother, we all now live within 40 minutes of each other. They are my best friends.

What do you do?

I am currently a third-year student nurse. I have work part-time alongside my degree as a healthcare assistant, although haven’t done many shifts lately – it’s been a busy summer! Obviously, I hope to graduate next year and get a job as a nurse here in Cornwall.

Why did you start writing a blog?

Initially, I started writing the blog as a way to process some of my own thoughts. Three years ago I very suddenly started to struggle with anxiety. I never really wrote about anything personal, but it was a place that I could channel some anxious energy that I had at the time in an effort to bring about a positive change. I wouldn’t say the blog itself did that for me, but it did make me stop and think about the life I wanted to create for myself and what was important to me and it encouraged me to get outside, back into the environment I love so much. I studied photography when I was younger, I always thought that would be the direction I would go in with my career, but studying photography and being forced to work in a particular way made me lose interest. Now, because it’s all for pleasure, I really love being able to capture a place or moment in time.

What do you do in my spare time?

I adore being outside. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up on the beach, but I can’t seem to go more than three days without a trip to the sea. I really enjoy going out for long coastal walks with a flask of tea. I just find being out in the sea air really satisfying. I’m really big on family time. I am an auntie to three gorgeous children, so I happily let that take up a fair amount of time. I love spending time with friends, catching up over brunch and coffee. I try and exercise often, it’s been another game changer for my anxiety, at first, I found it quite difficult but now it’s something I really enjoy, and even miss when I don’t do it. This week I started running, I’ll let you know how that goes! I What else? I love to cook and spend too much of my spare time rearranging the furniture!

Where is your favourite place?

Easy. Godrevy, It gets me every time. I spent my whole childhood on that beach. I have such happy memories of camping near by and spending long summer days there with family and friends, not forgetting the squashed cheese and tomato sandwiches. As I’ve gotten older it’s always the place I go back to, it was the first place I drove to alone when I passed my driving test and it’s the first place I always go to if I’ve been away for a while. Last year I really enjoyed exploring more of that coastline by foot and would recommend these walks if you’d like to see a bit more:

Godrevy – Portreath

Porthtowan – St Agnes

What’s next?

We are enjoying having a relatively quiet Autumn after a very eventful summer. I’m really enjoying making home and creating a space that we love. We’re trying not to rush into anything, instead trying to be really thoughtful about what we buy and where we buy things from. We have a garden now, so I’m looking forward to spending weekends working on that and growing some veggies! Other than that, I’ve just got to get my head down this year and focus on my studies. I have a feeling this year is going to fly by!


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