D.I.Y – Shelving

Turns out putting shelves up in an old cornish cottage isn’t quite as straight forward as we thought! We held off on home renovations while Bean went through her chewing phase, thankfully, it didn’t last long and so, the changes have begun!

Last weekend we decided to put shelves up in the alcoves, either side of our fireplace. We have been ‘umming and ahing’ over what wood to use for a while but finally decided on good old, cheap and cheerful Scandinavian pine. As much as I would have absolutely loved to put oak shelving up, it was three times the price, and as we already know this won’t be our ‘forever home’ we decided our money is better spent on things we are able to take with us, rather than things we will one day be leaving behind.

Although at first it was quite frustrating to not make any changes to the house, having the time to really think about what we need, what we want and where we want it, has been so beneficial. It has saved us both time and money, which can ultimately be spent on things we really love.

Back to shelves, the stockist kindly cut the wood roughly to size so all we had to do was make the final alterations (I say we, Josh did that bit!). It took much longer than we had anticipated due to our very uneven and granite heavy walls! While Josh fitted the shelves, I was on sanding and staining duty. We decided to finish them off with a walnut stain, to match our other furniture. Despite loosing the will half way through, we couldn’t be more pleased with the final result – it’s made such a big difference to the room. Next step – new carpet!!

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